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Thread: THE PASSAGE- Anyone remember this one?

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    THE PASSAGE- Anyone remember this one?

    Being a WW2 film buff I was wondering if anyone remembers this one?

    This is the rather violent film with Anthony Quinn, James Mason and in one of the most over the top performances ever put on screen, Malcolm Mcdowell as the crazes Nazi officer in pursuit. The kind of guy who cuts peoples' fingers off and rapes woman just for fun.

    And you might even remember Christopher Lee in a support role as a Gypsy who gets burnt to death.

    Spectacular location footage and solid direction by J. Lee Thompson- I'm sure if you have seen it you'll remember.

    BTW, Is there a DVD release anywhere or on the horizon?

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    Re: THE PASSAGE- Anyone remember this one?

    Sounds like I need to see this one!
    eccentric cinema
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    Re: THE PASSAGE- Anyone remember this one?

    I love THE PASSAGE! I saw this back in 1979, and then on cable in 1981, been waiting for video ever since, finally had to buy a japanese pre-record for 150 bucks for the uK pal tape was missing 10 minutes!

    This has got to be the craziest performance by McDowell, his antics certainly did NOT belong in a typical all star cast WW2 adventure movie of its time (almost as if the producers thought "geez, PG rated war films arent cutting it, what if we make this gruesome and depraved?")

    McDowell has many quotable dialogues that had kids in my high school (when it aired on showtime in 81) quoting all the time like

    "Chop chop cop"

    "I'll let your father go. I'll let him go where he told me to go...hell!"

    The reason we germans want to conquer France is because of your receipt"!

    "We have to wash that Gypsy filth of you!"

    I I wonder what veterans like Quinn, Mason, Neal and Lee thought about McDowells over the top performance?
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    Re: THE PASSAGE- Anyone remember this one?

    MGM made a new transfer of the movie that has made the cable rounds. If they were running their own affairs, I would have said a DVD was likely. Now that Sony is micromanaging their releases, I think the chances have gone way down.

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