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Thread: I Am Divine

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    I Am Divine

    I am not so much a fan of John Waters' films as I am of his aura of sleaze. So it's a sure thing I'm going to enjoy this doc on Divine, especially since it was made by the guy who made the William Castle doc Spine Tingler.

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    Re: I Am Divine

    I liked Divine Trash, the Steve Yeager Documentary, so I hope that this one seriously will be a perfect match for it. The Scene of Screen 13

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    Re: I Am Divine

    this could be great if done well and they get some good footage of the era..I was listening to 'you think yr a man' just yesterday, his music always makes me shoot beer out of my nose in laughter, but it's more fun than alot of the gay-hipster drek of today, like Scissor Sisters, at least Divine was badass!
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    Re: I Am Divine

    John Waters talked about the I Am Divine doc briefly during the Q&A after his show last week, and he said that he put the director in touch with anyone and everyone who knew Divine that is still alive and the everyone cooperated completely. He said himself he is looking forward to seeing it.
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