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Can you tell us more about this letter / perhaps even post the full text? MYA has always been infamously silent and completely lacked a web presence, so it's interesting not only that this letter exists, but that it apparently explicitly ties the new company to MYA...
It's a letter from the distributor, CAV, not direct from MYA/One7. But, here's the bulk of the letter:

It is our privilege to introduce a new label to the U.S. marketplace. One that builds upon the best traditions of Italian and European cinema, and is certain to gain cult status in the states quickly.

One 7 Movies was founded by one of the original partners of Mya Communications and No Shame Films. Expect the most classic, the most cutting edge, and the most sought after comedies, thrillers, science fiction epics, erotica, and much more...

All films have been beautifully transfered [sic] from original vault materials, and sleeve art design is eye-catching to say the least.
The rest is just a request to screen/review the releases.