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Thread: Posting Policy Reminders (UPDATED 8/16/12)

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    Posting Policy Reminders (UPDATED 8/16/12)

    OK, it's been tense here as of late and while we haven't had to do this in a while, I figure it's time for a friendly reminder about the few rules we do have around these here parts.

    In no uncertain terms...

    -Personal insults are not allowed.

    -Slurs, be they related to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation or whatever, are not permitted. Period.

    That's really it. It's not hard to follow these rules, they're pretty simple and they are not up for discussion. The reason they're enforced has nothing to do with political correctness - I don't think anyone would argue that this board is particularly PC. It has EVERYTHING to do with attempting to create a friendly and welcomig posting environment for people from all walks of life, be they straight, gay, black, white, whatever. It doesn't matter. Anyone who wants to talk about movies and what not is welcome here and allowing some of the nastier dialogue to continue defeats that intent.

    I've had a lot of travel the last week and have more coming up this next week so Horace and Mark and John have been doing the bulk of the heavy lifting while I've been off working and my hat is off to them for doing a great job and staying pretty objective throughout this.

    In short, think before you post. These rules are not unfair nor are they difficult in the least to follow.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Posting Policy Reminders

    As an addendum, in light of some recent issues that have arisen, I would add one relatively minor point - kindly refrain from bogging down threads with excessive poster art and images in general. So long as the pics are hosted through another server, our own temperamental server shouldn't be strained, so there's no problem whatsoever in starting image-oriented threads and keeping said material "housed" in a more user-friendly area. This, too, shouldn't be that big of a deal and should be easy enough to follow.

    And finally, it's not up to the individual posters to instruct their fellow posters on what they can or cannot say/post. If you have a problem with what a poster is contributing to the forum, alert one of the mods - that's one of the reasons we're here for!
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