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Thread: Ghosthouse 1987 Umberto Lenzi

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    psycho path

    Ghosthouse 1987 Umberto Lenzi

    Not exactly a DVD,but has anybody seen this hard to find flick about an eerie little girl and scary clown doll that plays this strange music before something bad happens? Ive heard it was pretty gory(Girl sliced in half)and the house was spooky...

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    Mac Hammer Fan

    La Casa 3

    I only know it is available on DVD-R at Midnight Video.
    The specialist in Italian Horror at isn't exactly wild about the movie but he has seen worse.
    Some other opinions can be read here:
    To be honest, I don't expect much from this movie but it can't be that bad as "House 2"

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    Sep 2002
    It's a TERRIBLE shot in the US haunted house nonsense. The acting, script and direction are so bad it's actually unintentionally funny. Some gore, but you really have to be desperate for a horror movie to buy this.

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    psycho path
    Well,is the nursery rhyme scary?

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    It's not scary, but it is atmospheric so that's why I like it, and I also think the houses in GHOSTHOUSE and Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY is the same house. Both movies were filmed in the Boston area and they look identical even down to the driveway.

    The only thing I don't like about the movie is this very annoying character who plays a hitchhiker.

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    So sweet... so perverse Johan Melle's Avatar
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    GHOSTHOUSE is going to be released on DVD in the UK sometime this year but I think Vipco is the company behind the release, so don't expect any extras. As for the actual film, I've never seen it but Umberto Lenzi is one director who has at least never bored me. It's got Lara Wendel in it too, which is a good thing, and music by Simon Boswell so I'll be giving it a chance.

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    psycho path
    Thanks for the replies guys! And DJI,I think they used The house by the cemetery mansion in this movie too...Umberto lenzi is known for ripping off some films...Like the clown looks almost exactly like the one from Poltergiest! And whats the nursery rhyme like? This question is driving me nuts! Is it like Deep red's nursery rhyme?

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    psycho path
    Anybody else tell me what the nursery rhyme is like?

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    Goblin Junkie Ian Z.'s Avatar
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    Pennsylvania, USA, Earth
    I personally like this film. The opening scene could easily pass for a scene from a Fulci film. Yes, it is stupid at times and the acting is horrible, but that's partially what makes it so entertaining.

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    psycho path
    Bumping this to the top...

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    I was shocked to actually find this for rent at my local blockbuster. It wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be. It was decent but like DJI said, that hitchhiker was pretty annoying and also none of the characters were really that likeable except for maybe Lara Wendel. This and Eaten Alive are the only Lenzi flicks I've seen; I enjoyed Eaten Alive MUCH more.

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