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Thread: Track Your Gialli!

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    Track Your Gialli!

    Thought this might be a nice idea for a Euro thread... a giallo checklist, of sorts. My list is in approximate order of preference, and I'll endeavor to update it as I see more of these films.

    Deep Red (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Don't Torture the Duckling (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Blood and Black Lace (Buio Omega German DVD; VCI 2-disc SE)
    Tenebre (Anchor Bay DVD)
    The New York Ripper (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Twitch of the Death Nerve (Image DVD; Raro DVD)
    The House with the Laughing Windows (VHS, duped from Italian DVD)
    The Stendhal Syndrome (Medusa 2-disc SE; Troma DVD)
    Opera (Anchor Bay 2-disc SE)
    The Black Belly of the Tarantula (Alfa Digital DVD with English subtitltes; DVD-R, uncut, with no subtitles)
    The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (No Shame DVD)
    A Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Anchor Bay UK DVD)
    A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (Shriek Show DVD)
    Double Face (LBX, uncut VHS)
    The Card Player (Anchor Bay DVD)
    The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (VCI DVD; Medusa DVD)
    The Killer Must Kill Again (Mondo Macabro DVD)
    The Short Night of the Glass Dolls (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Trauma (UK DVD; French DVD, in English)
    Seven Notes in Black (Alfa Digital DVD)
    What Have They Done to Our Daughters? (German DVD, in English)
    One On Top of the Other (LBX VHS)
    Libido (DVD-R, with English subtitles)
    Who Saw Her Die? (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Five Dolls for an August Moon (Image DVD)
    [U]The Fifth Cord[U] (Blue Underground DVD)
    The Bloodstained Butterfly (DVD-R)
    Stage Fright (VHS)
    My Dear Killer (DVD-R)
    The Perfume of the Lady in Black (Raro DVD)
    The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (No Shame DVD)
    Amuck! (US DVD)
    All the Colors of the Dark (VHS)
    What Have You Done to Solange? (Shriek Show DVD)
    Orgasmo (VHS, cut US version)
    Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (Blue Underground DVD)
    Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (No Shame DVD)
    The Cat O'Nine Tails (Anchor Bay DVD)
    [U]The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion[U] (Blue Underground DVD)
    The Girl Who Knew Too Much (Image DVD)
    [U]The Pyjama Girl Case[U] (Blue Underground DVD)
    Formula for Murder (DVD-R, from Lightning Video)
    Seven Bloodstained Orchids (Shriek Show DVD)
    Death Walked at Midnight (Mondo Macabro DVD)
    Bloodstained Shadow (Anchor Bay DVD)
    Sleepless (Medusa DVD)
    Torso (DVD-R)
    Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Several VHS dupes of varying quality)
    Murder Rock (Japanese DVD-R)
    The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire (VHS)
    [U]Slaughter Hotel[U] (Raro DVD)
    Midnight Ripper (X Rated DVD)
    The Case of the Bloody Iris (Anchor Bay DVD)
    The Phantom of Death (X Rated DVD)
    Body Puzzle (VHS)
    The Killers Are Our Guests (DVD-R)
    Watch Me When I Kill! (X Rated DVD)
    Do You Like Hitchcock? (DVD-R, in Italian)
    Death Laid an Egg (DVD)
    The Crimes of the Black Cat (DVD-R)
    The Secret of Seagull Island (DVD-R)
    Murder Obsession (VHS)
    Schoolgirl Killer (X Rated DVD)
    The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (X Rated DVD)
    A Blade in the Dark (Don't own; gave away my Anchor Bay DVD)
    Autopsy (Anchor Bay VHS)
    Eyeball (German DVD, in English)
    Death Smiled at Murder (Don't own)
    Death Carries a Cane (X Rated DVD)
    Photos of Gioia (Don't own)
    Bad Inclination (Shriek Show DVD)
    Dial: Help (DVD)
    Strip Nude for Your Killer (X Rated DVD)

    Ones I Have But Haven't Watched Yet
    Delirium (Anchor Bay DVD)
    The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (VHS)
    Five Women for the Murderer (DVD-R, in German)
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