View Full Version : Vincent Price Midnite Movie Double-Features- The Best Yet?

Jason P
08-21-2003, 08:38 PM
Tomb of Ligeia
Good costumes and atmosphere.. The ending? I seem to remember the ending being pretty similar to most of Corman's other Poe movies.. This one is said to be a favorite of many but I wouldn't say its one of mine really.. *** 1/2

An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe
I taped this off cable awhile back but have yet to watch it.. :eek: I can't judge it but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

The Haunted Palace
Bad makeup and dopey townspeople.. Good double role for Price and always nice to see Elisha Cook and Lon Chaney Jr. *** 1/2

The Tower of London
I liked this one alot. I've never seen the 1939 version. Its a nice gothic horror movie with the feeling of an authentic costume drama. Price gives an evil, scheming performance without becoming slimy and dirty like in Witchfinder General. Suspenseful, great atmosphere, sets and costumes. **** 1/2

The Comedy of Terrors
Very witty and funny. How can you not like it when it teams Price, Karloff, Lorre and Rathbone? I'm not a big Karloff fan but I would have liked it if he were given a bigger or different role. I love Rathbone as the landlord who can't stay dead. ****

The Raven
Good movie but not quite as funny as I expected. Still I would say this is probably one of the best looking of the Poe series. Again, has the same run of the mill ending as many in this series. Fine role for Price and a much bigger and more interesting role for Karloff. Looking forward to seeing this on DVD as I've only seen it on a cropped, grainy VHS tape. ****

So I believe with these releases, all of the Poe movies will have been released on DVD right? Anybody else planning on making a night (or a couple nights) of them? I would like to spend a weekend and watch all of the new DVDs along with the earlier releases (Masque, Usher, Pit, Premature Burial, Tales of Terror, etc).. I can't wait!

Joe L
08-21-2003, 10:18 PM
I picked a few of these up early. I'm only now really catching up with Price, as he wasn't a favorite of mine while growing up and I missed some of his films.

Of the new MGM's, I've really only seen (completely) THE RAVEN and THE HAUNTED PALACE.
I have yet to see TOMB OF LIGEIA (which I'm looking forward to) and THE COMEDY OF TERRORS (looking forward to this too). But I'm not looking too forward to TOWER OF LONDON. But you never know.

Jason P
08-22-2003, 12:04 AM
Originally posted by Stephen
I agree with AmicusVP: "that these are the best Price films MGM has released yet." But now not much is left for release: MASTER OF THE WORLD, DIARY OF A MADMAN, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (?), DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS, HOUSE OF A THOUSAND DOLLS, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, MADHOUSE, HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS and THE OFFSPRING. Did I forgot something? Maybe the western MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE (I like Vincent's acting in it). I'm happy to get THE WHALES OF AUGUST in October from MGM!

Is not having much left to release a bad thing? :) I'd like to have them all out on DVD. I'd particularly like to see DIARY OF A MADMAN, LAST MAN ON EARTH, MADHOUSE and HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS with the last 2 being my most wanted. Does MGM have the rights to LONG SHADOWS? I have this on an old VHS and would like to get it on DVD. As for WITCHFINDER, I have the R2 release of that one so I don't care much either way.