View Full Version : Alain Robbe-Grillet

Aaron G
02-13-2011, 07:01 AM
Robbe-Grillet isn't really a 'hot' Euro-cult director, and his stuff sort of exists on the fringes of Euro-cult cinemdom, mainly coz his films are quite hard to see and are quite hard to digest for fans of brUtal-splatter and hi-energy shit.

Furthermore, Robbe-Grillet was more well known in France and elsewhere due to his literary success, and his tenure as an auteur is often undervauled becuase of that, but his films aren't shit like say a Paul Auster or Stephen King directed movie.

But for fans of say surreal, dreamy, even 'ethereal' cinema like say David Lynch or Jean Rollin, Robbe-Grillet's stuff isn't that hard to digest.

My two favourties are L'IMMORTELLE, EDEN ET APRES and GRADIVA. Of course LAST YEAR IN MARIENBAD is his most famous film, even if he didn't direct it, it's really not much different it themes and style than the films he made himself.

L'IMORTELLE predates Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY by a good 30 years, it's noir-erotic vibe and dream-like, amlost nightmare imagery and fractured identities will kick you ass. EDEN ET APRES is like a sort of straight-version of a William S Burroughs story, or even Jodorowsky, but if Jodo had more middle-eastern influences than eastern. GRADIVA is kinky and trippy, and really like nothing else.

It is also worthwhile to read Robbe-Grillet's literature, I've only read DJINN and JEALOUSY, easy to see his influence on Paul Auster, but that's another story...