View Full Version : Slayground (1983)

Terry Carpenter
08-27-2010, 09:27 AM
This ones an interesting one as I caught it off of IFC last night. Not really a good film, but this does have some great scenes of tension and good cinematography, which contrasts to the shabby acting, bad dubbing, and cringe-induced writing. What makes the film unique though is that it's an Action movie filmed like a Horror film, which makes the tension all the more high. Worst of all, they cut the tension a little over half-way through the film for the main character to head-off to England, where it once again turns into a heist film and then back again near the end. The film really wants to be two different pictures at once and therein lies the main problem of this film.

In this day and age this would be prime for a re-make. Only today I learned that this was a Westlake novel and while(if I was director) this is going to make all the Westlake fans shit their pants, I probably wouldn't use his book as a template. I wouldn't have him go to London and cut the tension mid-way through, but move the friend to the other coast of America, while the hit-man is still on his trail.

Joel S.
08-27-2010, 01:20 PM
Horrible but I still kind of like it. The beginning is definitely good. I'm not a super hero guy so I think that's where it lost me. The Anchor Bay DVD was a blind buy based on a friend who said he used to see it on cable I should get it. Well ..