View Full Version : LEBANON (Samuel Maoz, 2009)

Aaron G
08-10-2010, 11:30 PM
..just watched this Israeli 'post-action' movie. Essentially it is a masterwork in taught, economic film-making, with an excellent script. It's kind of like a Howard Hawks or Sam Fuller movie, even reminded me of THE THING (both versions) in parts with it's intense claustrophobia and snappy wordplay.

Essentially it's the story of 4 young Israeli soldiers stuck in a tank in the Lebanon war, their only communication with the outsider world via a gun-sight, a radio and a narky commander who occasionally jumps in to issue them orders.

Alan Clarke and Gus Van Sant had an ELEPHANT as an analogy for violence, LEBANON has a 'Rhinoceros'.

This is the best Israeli film since, shit, I dunno, VICTORY IN ENTEBEE (!@?!), and one of the best modern war films since Coppola's APOCALYPSE NOW. Check it out.