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Ken Brewer
07-22-2010, 06:33 PM
I know some of you have seen this? This is one of THE BEST martial arts movies I have seen in years!! Micheal Jai White is an insane martial artist. It has some of the best fights I have seen in a while. And the cast!! Lotsa real MMA fighters, Bob Sapp, Gina Corano, Kimbo Slice, Maurice Smith, and Ernest (The Cat) Miller!

After you watch the movie you have to watch it with comentary! It is one of the better cometary tracks I have heard. Alot of fun!

I mean just watch the first 3 mins before the credits even roll and you will say WOW!!


Here is clip of the 1st fight scene with Kimbo Slice. The best comes right after hea beats them and he says..." I want you to send out a message.........Anybody behind these walls gets a notion to fuck with me.....................DON"T" then he proceeds to knock Kimbo the fuck out!!

Anyone else like this flick?


Steve R
07-22-2010, 07:19 PM

Yea, a bunch of us likedit. You can see chat on it in the Black Dynamite thread and it's got one of its own too. The search engines here can be a little funky but it should come up.

Here's my two cents, sounds like we're on the same page - Steve


This is a direct to video pix starring Michael Jai White.

It is a combo modern neo Blaxploitation, martial arts, MMA bandwagon thing.
We've got a very simple plot about a jailhouse promise to a friend who gets shived in the joint by Kimbo Slice and his gang. When MJW gets out he joins the underground street fight scene to get next to the main bad guy.

Make no mistake that we are not at all in Hard Times territory here. MJW is very chiseled, has a neat beard but can't really act. But that's ok.

There is a good fight scene about every ten minutes. You can see everything clearly, most of it is covered in good wide shots. There is the occasional over use of the Hit-Me-Cam. You'll recognize it when the punches and kicks wail down on your POV. Though Mr. White's style is a mix of classic Karate (Go-Ju and maybe Tang Su Do or Tae Kwon Do I'd guess) with a touch of the Gracie Ju-Jitsu spin on the guy's chest and break his arm moves thrown in - it works.

The film delivers very well on the let's sit down and see some good fights promise. Though I personally could do without the double and sometimes four jump kick bit, the vast and overwhelming majority of the fights hit hard and are nice and streety. No CGI, no wires. MJW looks like a trained martial artist, who just happens to have the weight and size to back up the moves. And he moves fast! It you like good martial arts style fight scenes, you'll have a great time with this.

I was surprised by and appreciated the nods to:
Tai Chi push hands - as MJW gets to know his landlady
Miyamoto Mushashi - MJW elects to fight the Samurai sword wielding bad guy armed with only a scabbard case after discarding his own sword
Caine/David Carradine - the very last shot looked to me to be a nice wave goodbye.

So while you're waiting on Black Dynamite and your Jim Kelly (3 out of four) DVD set, check this one out.
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07-22-2010, 11:09 PM
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Ken Brewer
07-23-2010, 10:11 AM
Sorry about that guys. Had my setting on only a month instead of begining. Thats why I missed it!! Was wondering why there was only a page of posts!! LOL!!

Once again sorry. Move it to the other thread.