View Full Version : The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave

Kristian R
09-01-2009, 03:41 PM
It looks like Nick Cave's new novel is out. Anybody give it a look yet? Amazon has a brief clip of Cave doing a reading and iTunes has it available as an audiobook.


Adam A
09-01-2009, 04:23 PM
I just ordered it, and paid extra for two day delivery, so I can take it out of town with me this weekend.

Steve R
09-01-2009, 06:53 PM
The Bad Seeds guy who wrote the script for The Propostion?
Might have to check this out. The story and characters in that movie were well done. Has he done a lto of books? What's best to start with?

Kristian R
09-01-2009, 06:56 PM
Cave has written one other novel called And The Ass Saw The Angel. It's good stuff.


Aaron G
09-01-2009, 07:08 PM
It's gotten so-so reviews down here. I'll wait until the paperback comes out, I hate the big size Trade-Paperback crap.

I like 'An the Ass', I reckon this one will be alright too, but I can wait. The premise sounds like something Harry Crews would have written in books like 'Celebration' or 'All we need of hell'...

Pete Bogh
09-02-2009, 07:31 PM
I love Nick Cave, thought The Proposition was great, and I'm eager to read this new book, but I absolutely cannot recommend KING INK or his other one-act plays in anything resembling a good conscience!

M Sanderson
06-19-2010, 06:33 AM
so has anyone read bunny munroe?

david peace - writer of the red riding quartet - gave it a glowing review.

i picked this up from a discount bookshop, in hardback, yesterday.

seems nick cave is multi talented. i liked his music for ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD. i hear the film he wrote for hillcoat, GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL DEAD is a great film (better than PROPOSITION, etc).

Aaron G
06-21-2010, 08:51 AM
yeah so can anyone comment on the book?