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Ian Jane
01-22-2007, 11:50 PM
You know what would be cool? If Malhavoc put out another record. I've been listening to their old shit a lot the last couple of days and I had just plumb forgotten how fucking cool these guys where.

Here's a Malhavoc story for you all - one night Tolch and I went to see them play at (I think) Sneaky Dees in Toronto. Small club, small stage, packed venue. We actually roadied for them that night somehow, and ended up lugging gear around. James was an odd dude.

At any rate as the show went on, things got more intense which was common for them. James started beating himself up and freaking out on stage and finally he jumped into the crowd and landed on Mighty Mark Tolch who carried him around on his back while he was screaming 'WHYTHEFUCKISEVERYBODYSOFUCKEDUP' over and over again into this mic (this would have been right after The Lazerus Complex album came out). So yeah, Mark carried a gross, slightly bloody James Cavellwhatisname around on his back for a few minutes before sort of plopping him back on stage.

They were nice guys, very friendly. I think they even bought us beers for helping them out that night.

That's my story. It's not very good, but Malhavoc were. I saw them again another time in Toronto and upon returning to my dorm room my friend and I got chased through the hallways by a guy in a Budweiser bikini screaming 'FAGGOTS' at us and trying to lay a whupping on us. He eventually ran into a door and knocked himself out and we were safe. That has nothing to do with Malhavoc, really.

Noland B.
01-22-2007, 11:52 PM
That's a good story. I like stories. I've never heard of your canuck freaky friends.

Ian Jane
01-23-2007, 12:01 AM
They're like Land of Rape and Honey era Ministry before Ministry was Land of Rape and Honey era Ministry. They got progressively more electronic as they went on, but always maintained a sort of Skinny Puppy evilness to their work that was pretty boss.

I can hook you up. I don't know how easy their stuff would be to find around here as I don't know what had US distro and what didn't but I think Metal Blade put out some of their shit.

Clint C
01-23-2007, 01:31 AM
I loved Malhavoc. Everything up to Get Down. Haven't heard anything newer. I saw them 4 times and they were always fun to watch. Here's my amusing Malhovoc story. My friend brought his buddy with us to one of their shows, said buddy is really digging the show and is up front rocking. Then James starts cutting the pentagram into his chest. The dude that came with us flipped out and started going off about AIDS and blood. He was really upset. It was funny.

mark t
01-23-2007, 08:10 AM
I liked that video where they had all of the different bands lip synching to that song. They were decent....I'd forgotten all about that night at Sneaky Dee's. We roadied for them, and they gave us beer and free CDs.

Kieran M
01-23-2007, 02:12 PM
I have no less than 3 short MALHAVOC stories:

1) They did a show at the Apocalypse club in Toronto circa 1987 (?)-- the show was titled "A Tribute To Lucio Fulci", and was double-billed with this documentary on Anton LeVey. After the documentary, Malhavoc hit the stage and tore shit up. The "Tribute" part of the show was rear-projections of scenes from Fulci flicks. The razor/eyeball/nipple scene from New York Ripper apparently caused complaints to the club that night, accusations of "snuff footage" :cool:

2) When I went to see OPERA at the 1988 Toronto International Film Festival, a stood in line in-front of James. A mutual friend recognized him and we all chatted. Ended-up sitting beside him during the film in the front row of the Bloor theatre, where he gave me a CD copy of their debut (which I'd only had on cassette, that was almost as cool as seeing Opera)

3) Went to see them around 1990 at a little all-ages club in Burlington Ontario, and James caused a big load o'trouble when he did the pentagram-carving in front of a bunch of young teenagers. I was laughing my ass off as the house-lights came-on mid-song towards the end of the set.

They put on a great live show, I had almost forgot about them over the years. Good memories...

Ian Jane
01-23-2007, 02:28 PM
I officially really miss this band.

01-24-2007, 11:51 AM
i like em too!
i have "The Release/Shrine" CD, and i know i have "Punishments" and "The Lazarus Complex" on mp3 somewhere.

on a side note... anyone remember H? (as in Jesus H. Christ) i think it was the bass player from Moev or something? anyway, for some reason i always think of H whenever Malhavoc is mentioned.