View Full Version : the PORNO ELECTRONICA thread

Aaron G
01-20-2007, 06:28 PM
I needs some more porno-electronica, or really, really sexy electronica from before the 90s when it became standardised techno/house.

I guess some examples are from sex scenes in films, like the voyuer scene in BODY DOUBLE, the night-club scene in BASIC INSTINCT or the electro music in PYJAMA GIRL case..I guess you could also chuck in the music from MIDNIGHT EXPRESS..I guess alot of this music is just old Euro-pop or harder gay-disco..but I don't give a shit coz it all sounds good and makes me want to fuck.

If thjere are any Maniacs (prolly some of you Euros) out there that have this stuff, please drop me a PM!

It's interesting to note how these days nu-metal and industrial-goth and R&B are used as porno/sex music, but I'll take Euro-porno-electronica any day coz they got more class and their music is about making lurve baby!!