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Bård Haugland
09-07-2006, 12:16 PM
Got these news from a couple of people that had talked to Tony Choy and Kelly Schaefer the day before their show at Hole in the Sky, and now it's reported on diverse websites. So exciting, I'll pay a high price to see these guys live. I don't know if I want them to make a new album, and play with their status as legends, but a tour will be great!

Clint C
09-07-2006, 12:27 PM
I read about this yesterday. I was big into Cynic back in the day (even had their demo tape) and it's cool that they're getting back together.

Tom K
09-07-2006, 01:31 PM
From Blabbermouth (http://www.blabbermouth.net)

Long-defunct Florida-based band CYNIC, whose 1993 album "Focus" is regarded as a landmark release in the field of technical/progressive metal, is rumored to be planning a reunion tour in the spring/summer of 2007, beginning with possible U.S. warm-up performances and culminating in a number of festival appearances across Europe. Although there has been no official announcement regarding the matter, informed sources have told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that CYNIC's planned reunion lineup will include Paul Masvidal (vocals, guitar) and Sean Reinert (drums, keys) alongside Tony Teegarden (vocals, keyboards), Chris Kringel (bass) and Santiago Dobles (guitar). Both Teegarden and Kringel previously toured with CYNIC in support of "Focus", while Santiago — who is said to be "the man behind AGHORA" — has been around the CYNIC camp since 1993-94 and was one of Masvidal's guitar students in Miami back in the day.

CYNIC reunion lineup:

Paul Masvidal - Vocals / Guitar
Sean Reinert - Drums / Keys
Tony Teegarden - Vocals / Keyboards
Chris Kringel - Bass
Santiago Dobles – Guitar

Prior to releasing "Focus" through Roadrunner Records, Paul and Sean played on the groundbreaking DEATH album "Human" alongside the band's mastermind Chuck Schuldiner and Steve DiGiorgio of SADUS. According to the CYNIC fan site The Cynical Sphere, Masvidal and Reinert described their relationship with Chuck as "very laid back", and were able to help Schuldiner with the writing by giving him input, which had been missing on the earlier DEATH records. The result was a classic record, and DEATH even got some MTV airplay. At the same time, then-bassist Tony Choy was filling in for the late Roger Patterson on ATHEIST's "Unquestionable Presence", and guesting on PESTILENCE's "Testimony of the Ancients". Meanwhile, Paul did some work on MASTER's "On the Eighth Day, God Created Master", and guitarist Jason Gobel worked with MONSTROSITY, playing lead on their "Imperial Doom" album. All of this guest work helped to enlarge the fan base for CYNIC, making them — according to a Roadrunner Records press release issued prior to the release of "Focus" — "the most popular underground act to never record an album." More recently, Masvidal and Reinert — both of whom are currently based in Los Angeles — have been keeping busy with AEON SPOKE, a progressive ethereal-rock project whose self-titled album is due late October through SPV Records.

For more information on CYNIC's history and contributions to the hard rock/metal world, visit www.cynicalsphere.com.

Never was a fan of them...too technical for my tastes...I always felt bad for them though...they were the worlds most jinxed band I think...So many things happened that prevented releases...

John G.
09-07-2006, 04:36 PM
Holy fucking shit... best death metal related news since the Atheist reissues!