View Full Version : The Two Jakes: Underrated?

John G.
11-13-2002, 08:48 PM
With all this recent talk of overrated films in this forum, I've decided to start an underrated one on this film. I caught it on television today, and I thought it was excellent. Sure, it's no CHINATOWN, but Jack Nicholson gives a fantastic performance, you can never have too much Harvey Keitel, and I was entertained and engrossed throughout. I liked it so much that I'm considering picking up the DVD as soon as I can get my hands on it. Any other thoughts on this one?

Jonathan Douglas
11-14-2002, 01:57 AM
Yes, it's definitely no CHINATOWN but I quite liked it. I thought Jack did ok, he was wise enough to go for a leisured approach and not rush things. I think he certainly fared better than Warren Beatty when he tried his hands at directing. Who really knows how actors are at directing anyway, if they're good or bad, I think there's always some studio ghost director present (or hidden) to make sure they don't fuck up too badly and the end result is watchable.

scott favareille
11-14-2002, 12:48 PM
This film sucked so bad that I walked out of the theater. I rewatched the latter portion of it on cable & I saw that I had made the right decision. Perhaps one of the worst sequels ever(& to a classic film as well).

Rod Barnett
11-15-2002, 12:52 AM
An excellent film, unfairly maligned. I've never understood the gripes against THE TWO JAKES. It seems one of those films most people deceided to hate before they even saw it. Of course it's not CHINATOWN- but that's a good thing. Who needs another carbon copy sequel?

Al Edwards
01-18-2005, 02:40 AM
A decent film that while not on the same level as Chinatown still has its positive points including Keitel's performance.