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Tim Mayer
04-26-2005, 08:33 PM
Last night I was watching an episode of COLUMBO (gotta love Netflix!) and the thought hit me that I'd never noted such detail. I was astonished at the sheen of the plastic on a telephone set that appeared in the show. The color of the make-up on some of the actors also stood out, making for a little hilarity. Finally, I watched the wig nearly blow-off one of the "guest star's" head (not to mention the absurd job done on his fake sideburns). And then I started to wonder, "Are we seeing these shows at a level higher than they were ever meant to be seen?" I know a few writers have commented on how the fake set is oh so obvious on the GREEN ACRES collection.
I'm just wondering if the best way to see these older TV shows might be to watch them with a little distortion. Heck, my parents didn't even buy a color TV till I was away in college, so I'll always remember BARNABY JONES in black-and white. Maybe the best way to watch an ABC movie-of- the week from 1976 is not on a 60 inch plasma screen (which I don't own. BTW). Just something to think about, but I'd enjoy hearing what others might think.

Gary Banks
04-26-2005, 09:24 PM
A properly done dvd will bring out so much detail that was lost on a vhs. For years I had been used to seeing full frame straight off of 16mm vhs copies of The Black Abbot (an Edgar Wallace flick). Well I picked up the R2 dvd and was floored by the widescreen gorgeous print. I also noticed for the first time that what was supposed to be a night sky background was clearly a black painted piece of wood that just looked terrible. But it was not noticeable on a grainy vhs print.

Jari K
04-27-2005, 04:31 AM
VHS is from the different planet than DVD.

"What is the best way" to watch something is depending what source do you watch (VHS, analog TV signal, digital TV signal, DVD, etc), and do you watch it from the old 4:3 TV, 32" WS-TV, Plasma etc.

Also, what connections do you use, e.g. Composite, RGB-scart, S-video, HDMI..

If you have a bad or mediocre source (e.g. some Brentwood-disc), it´ll probably look slightly better from the old TV, than some plasma, since smaller screens "hide" many mistakes (bigger and better screens don´t lie, and they show all kind of mistakes from the transfer).