View Full Version : A Few DVDs I Have To Trade- What Have You Got???

Mark R. Hill
10-12-2002, 07:40 PM
I've got a few DVDs to put up for trade.

Maybe we can trade something you don't want for something I don't want:

HITLER'S SS: PORTRAIT IN EVIL (1985) C-144m CATCOM DVD. Like New. OK print of an 80's TV-Movie with Tony Randall, Jose Ferrer, Carroll Baker, David Warner.

3RD STRIKE: NO LIGHT- THE VIDEO (2002) Hollywood Records DVD (Rap/Rock group DVD single.) *Still Sealed*

JONI MITCHELL- Painting With Words And Music. C-98m (1998) Image DVD *Still Sealed*

NOSFERATU: THE FIRST VAMPIRE/F.W Murnau's original DRACULA (192?-German) Silent film. Not bad PD print. 1998 intro Hosted by David Carradine, with a new stereo music soundtrack by TYPE-O Negative. Like new.

And of course,

A HARD DAYS NIGHT (1964-British) 88m. 2-disc set. *Brand new* Miramax edition. *Glorious* Widescreen, Letterboxed transfer. Enhanced for 16x9 TVs. *Stereophonic* Spectacular 5.1 Surround Sound. French Language Track. 2nd disc of Extras. Interviews with many participants in the films's making. In decorative silver slipcase. This copy is lightly viewed. Mint, Crisp and LIKE NEW!

Email me directly: drmark7@juno.com