Just a few simple rules to follow on the boards, and by posting here, you are essentially agreeing to these simple guidelines whether you want to or not:

1 - We're requesting that all users post under either their first and last name or first and last initial. If you were previously setup under an alis and find you're unable to post, PM a moderator as your account has probably been unregistered for that reason. This policy was put into place in Dec. of 04. It's loosely enforced and done on the honor system but we feel it helps build a better sense of community and to help add some accountability to what you say and how you say it.


Also, please note that due to the insane amount of spam sign ups that we get each day, accounts are activated manually. This is usually done a few times a day but that can vary. If your account isn't activated right away, please be patient. We'll get to it when we can and sending the admin's nasty emails won't help you.

2 - Also, duplicate accounts are not cool. Please don't sign up for more than one account. If there's a problem with your current one, let a moderator know. If you've been booted off in the past, go out with some dignity, don't make an ass of yourself and come back under a phoney name with guns blazing. Rather, try emailing Eddie or myself (history proves you'll have better luck emailing me) to try and work things out.

3 - Please try and keep politics out of the discussions on the boards. When we have allowed them in the past, they've always gotten ugly and ugly is no fun at all. This includes using blatantly political avatars. Going after another member for their political views is also not cool. If you can't agree to disagree, move on.

4 - No personal insults will be permitted, this includes racial slurs and the like. This is extremely important to keeping the posting environment friendly and we dont' have a lot of tolerance for this. Those who continue to insult other members will have their accounts removed. End of story. So yeah, the use of racial slurs and other discriminatory slurs/insults/etc. will probably result in the removal of your account pretty darn quickly.

5 - Nudity. We all love it, but some of us post from a work environment so if you're posting an image that contains nudity, please make sure that there's a warning in the subject header so members posting from work can avoid that thread. Not Safe For Work (or NSFW) warnings are MANDATORY for all threads with objectionable images in them.

6 - Don't trade DVD-Rs or tape dupes of commercially available discs on the boards. This is not up for discussion. Support the labels! On a similar note, don't post direct links to various torrents. If you wanna talk about some rare unreleased movie you downloaded, go for it, but keep in mind that those labels who work hard to give us the movies we love need your support.

7 - Keep your signatures to one line or so, and one link. Pretty please.

8 - If posting news or info from other sites, please be considerate to them and give credit where credit is due. Copying someone elses work and even unintentionally taking credit for it just isn't cool. On the flip side, if you're posting something you've learned about from this site, please credit it and the poster accordingly (THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR PRINT MEDIA - if you want to use our info, ask nicely).

9 - YOUTUBE CLIPS - If posting a video clip from a site such as Youtube where objectionable content such as disturbing or graphic footage is going to be displayed, please post a hyper link only and do not embed the clip into your post.

10 - If you're a member of a referral program such as Amazon, that's great. But please don't use your referral ID number when linking off of the board. We've got our own program going for that which helps fund the site. If you want our referral ID, we'll give it to you, otherwise, just link to the page.

11 - Last BUT NOT LEAST, please keep threads on topic. It's easy to get sidetracked and go off in a different direction and, while we all do it from time to time (myself included), it's detrimental to a lot of the discussions that tend to occur here. So yeah, keep the off topic banter in the off topic section if you please. Part of what makes out board fun are the various personalities and what they bring to it, but the primary reason we're here in the first place is to talk movies so let's leave the movie portions of the board for that purpose and keep the rest in off topic. To further flog a dead horse, if a thread is started with an obvious serious intent, please don't screw around in it. Screw around in the screwy threads.

In short, think before you post. We're admittedly very lax around here and we like to keep things loose but a few ground rules simply need to exist in order to maintain some semblence of a community. That's pretty much it. Treat everyone with respect and things will go fine. As always, if you have any questions or concerns the admins or moderators will be happy to help. Feel free to PM them or email myself, or another moderator directly through the contacts page. We won't bite.