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Shout! Factory Presents Death Race 2000 On Blu-ray & DVD – Full specs!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

No rules. All road. All rage.
An action-packed Roger Corman classic filled with thrills, spills … and kills
Digitally Remastered and Presented in Widescreen, Jam-Packed With All-New Bonus Content


Turbo-Racing Into Stores Nationwide June 22, 2010 From Shout! Factory

It’s time for full-throttle, full-tilt, fast and furious fun this summer, as Shout! Factory, in association with New Horizons Picture Corporation, unleash one of Roger Corman classics that give new meaning to the term “road rage.” June 22, 2010 will see the release of the Death Race 2000 Special Edition Blu-ray™ and DVD, earmarking the latest installment from Roger Corman’s Cult Classics home entertainment series.

Death Race 2000 Special Edition boasts a high-octane selection of extensive bonus content including all-new interviews and commentary with cast and crew, rare behind-the-scenes footage and much more, making this definitive home entertainment release from Shout! Factory’s much-anticipated Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line a must-have for Roger Corman fans and film aficionados as well as anyone who remains young at heart.  Death Race 2000 Special Edition Blu-ray is priced to own at $ 26.97 SRP, and the DVD is available at $19.93 SRP.

Widely revered as perhaps the greatest B-movie of all time, Death Race 2000 is one of the most enduring of all Roger Corman films – as well as his biggest box-office success up to that point.

Welcome to the year 2000, a bleak and politically oppressive world plagued by immorality and political unrest. The only thing that appeases the population is the three-day Transcontinental Death Race, a high-speed, coast-to-coast competition which is won by the driver who racks up the most points by killing spectators, pedestrians and other unlucky passers-by.

This year, however, the Death Race drivers have something more to worry about than getting killed by the other contestants: A covert faction of Anti-Race revolutionaries bent on putting the brakes on Death Race for good. When they say “Speed kills” – they’re not kidding!

Executive produced by Corman and directed by Paul Bartel (Eating Raoul), Death Race 2000 is one of the quintessential cult classics of all time and marks the only pairing of box-office superstars David Carradine (Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, Bound for Glory, TV’s Kung Fu) and Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo, Cliffhanger), as well as featuring a cult-friendly supporting cast that includes Simone Griffeth (Hot Target), Mary Woronov (Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, Eating Raoul), Roberta Collins (Hardbodies and Hardbodies II), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid, TV’s Cagney & Lacey), Louisa Mortiz (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, New Year’s Evil), legendary Los Angeles disc jockey “The Real” Don Steele (Grand Theft Auto, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School), Joyce Jameson (The Comedy of Terrors, Tales of Terror) and Fred Grandy (TV’s The Love Boat), who was later elected to the U.S. Congress!

This new special edition DVD and first-ever Blu-ray release of Death Race 2000 is loaded with high-octane special features.



New Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer (1.85:1) in high definition from the inter-positive film element
David on Death Race: A brief look back from star David Carradine recorded in 2008
Audio commentary with Roger Corman and Mary Woronov
New audio commentary with assistant director Lewis Teague and editor Tina Hirsch
Playing the Game: Looking Back at “Death Race 2000”
Ready to Wear: In-depth interview costume designer Jane Ruhm on her inventive work for this film and other Roger Corman classics
Designing Dystopia!: A detailed look at the film’s futuristic landscapes and now-classic race cars with co-art director B.B. Neel, car designer James Powers and car constructor Dean Jeffries.
Start Your Engine!: How the world of Death Race 2000 came to life, interview with original story creator Ib Melchior
Killer Score: An all-new interview with composer Paul Chihara on the creation of the film’s eclectic score, which was also his first feature film composition.
Leonard Maltin interviews Roger Corman about Death Race 2000
Original theatrical trailer
Original theatrical trailer with commentary by filmmaker John Landis, courtesy of trailersfromhell.com
Collectible 12-page booklet
New World trailers
Following the release of Death Race 2000 Special Edition Blu-ray & DVD, Shout! Factory will continue to present Roger Corman’s Cult Classics home entertainment releases on a monthly basis. Upcoming highlights include Forbidden World (DVD), Galaxy Of Terror (DVD), Piranha (Blu-ray & DVD) Attack Of The Crab Monster/ Not of This Earth (DVD), Humanoids from Deep (DVD), Starcrash (Blu-ray & DVD) and Battle Beyond The Stars (Blu-ray & DVD), among others.

Independent filmmaker-producer Roger Corman’s storied career ranks as one of Hollywood’s most amazing success stories. Having produced more than 350 films and directed 50 others, his influence on American film goes far beyond his own energetic, creative low-budget movies. He is arguably one of Hollywood’s most gifted and masterful filmmakers. In 2009 he was the recipient of an honorary Academy Award® for his contribution to the medium of film.

Noted for his keen ability to spot young talent, Corman’s most lasting legacy will undoubtedly be the legion of producers, directors, writers and actors he has fostered, among them: James Cameron, Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Peter Fonda, Jonathan Demme, Gale Anne Hurd, Diane Ladd, Tommy Lee Jones, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Dern, Talia Shire, Charles Bronson, Joe Dante, Peter Bogdanovich and Sally Kirkland.


Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Special double feature screening!


The Cinefamily & Grindhouse Film Festival present



Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theatre

611 North Fairfax Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036-1714

(323) 655-2510


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 — 8:00 p.m.




Directed by Gunnar Hellström, 1968, 35mm, 84 min.

Starring Jack Lord, Susan Strasberg, Collin Wilcox, Tisha Sterling


A pre-HAWAII 5-O Jack Lord stars as transient Hungarian émigré Symcha Lipa, who is picked up by mysterious beauty Mickey Terry (Susan Strasberg from THE TRIP and PSYCH OUT) outside a semi-deserted town in northern Arizona. Symcha suspects nothing unusual about the lovely Mickey until she takes him back to the Terry family’s decaying gas station and introduces him to her troubled sisters Diz (Collin Wilcox) and Nan (Tisha Sterling)… and their estranged mother. He soon finds himself entangled in a murderous web of lust and deceit, culminating in one of the most unforgettable climaxes ever to be filmed. Loosely inspired by screenwriter Gary Crutcher’s own experiences, THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL (shown on TV as THE FEMALE TRAP) contains “moments of Bava-like brilliance” (Joe Dante, Castle of Frankenstein) and features a hauntingly beautiful score by Stu Phillips as well as masterful cinematography by a young Vilmos Zsigmond.


Shown for the first time on the big screen in over 35 years, using a rare archival 35mm print on loan from the George Eastman House!


SPECIAL GUESTS will include screenwriter Gary Crutcher, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, and composer Stu Phillips (Please note: Guests may change based on availability).


PLUS: the first 100 patrons will receive a free THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL “prize pack”!!!


And stick around for our second exciting feature…


Directed by J. Lee Thompson, 1975, 35mm, 105 min.

Michael Sarrazin is college professor Peter Proud, whose investigation into a past life puts his current one in jeopardy. Jennifer O’Neill, Margot Kidder and Cornelia Sharpe co-star in the creepy thriller, which is currently slated for remaking by David Fincher.

Tickets for this special event double feature are only $12.00! 

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This event is co-sponsored by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures

and Temple of Schlock

After Dark Originals Brings 8 New Horror Films To Fans In 2010

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


 After Dark Films Together with Lionsgate & Syfy Produces A New Generation Of Horror With  Eight ORIGINALS Set To Release Third Quarter 2010

Los Angeles, CA (March 11, 2010) — Building on the success and brand awareness of the After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films To Die For ® brand, After Dark Films, in cooperation with Lionsgate and NBC Universal’s Syfy, has created a new series, After Dark Originals (ADO).
Tapping into the vast and innovative talent of directors and filmmakers from Horrorfest’s acquisitions over the past 4 years, After Dark has taken the horror festival concept to a higher level.  After Dark Originals showcases eight new cutting edge horror films spanning the genre.  The mission is to create high quality horror films that provide After Dark full control from script concept through final editing.  The first installment of ADO includes Husk, Fertile Ground, Scream Of The Banshee, Prowl, The Task, Re-Kill, Seconds Apart and 51.  Notable directors and writers include Brett Simmons, whose short film Husk took Sundance by storm several years ago, Steven C. Miller of Automaton Transfusion fame, and previous After Dark writer/director Adam Gierasch (Autopsy).  All ADO films were shot in the US and Bulgaria.
“The writers and directors in our After Dark Originals line are outstanding. We are excited to showcase their work and to give a home to all this fresh young talent that we will continue to develop over time”, says After Dark Films owner and CEO, Courtney Solomon.
Currently seven of the eight films have been filmed and are in post-production.  The eighth to slated to start production this month. All eight Originals will be released in Third Quarter 2010 with a new and innovative marketing and release strategy.  Additionally, the second set of Originals has already been green lit and will start production in July 2010.  

About After Dark Films:
After Dark Films, an Independent motion picture studio, was formed in 2006 by director/filmmaker Courtney Solomon and Hong Kong based real estate magnate Allan Zeman.  After Dark Films’ first motion picture film release was An American Haunting (2006) starring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland.  Co-founder and CEO Courtney Solomon wrote, produced, and directed this film under the newly formed After Dark Films banner.
After the release of An American Haunting, partners Solomon and Zeman formed a multi-year marketing and distribution deal for Horrorfest “8 Films To Die For®” between After Dark Films and Lionsgate Entertainment, with After Dark handling theatrical marketing & releases and Lionsgate handling the distribution of all ancillary forms of media (Home Video, Pay TV, Pay Per View). After Dark Films just released Horrorfest 4 in theaters on January 29, 2010.
Building on the success of Horrorfest, After Dark will release the first 8 films of originally produced horror films in September 2010 under the moniker After Dark Originals

Arrow Brings Fulci’s City Of The Living Dead To DVD & Blu-ray 5/24/2010

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


One of the most revered zombie films of all time amongst horror fans, Lucio Fulci’s classic City Of The Living Dead gets the full Arrow Video treatment on DVD and Blu-ray in May 2010, presenting the film fully restored and uncut and complete with a host of unique and exclusive extras and featurettes specially commissioned for this must-have release.

Among the many extras are a newly recorded audio commentary with actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice, an introduction to the film by star Carlo De Mejo, ‘Carlo Of The Living Dead’, a 17-minute featurette in which De Mejo reflects upon his time working with the Italian master of splatter, Lucio Fulci, plus ‘Penning Some Paura’ in which the film’s screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti shares his recollections of writing an Italian horror classic.

The 50-minute ‘The Many Lives And Deaths Of Giovanni Lombaro Radice’ presents an extensive biography of the legendary screen victim, who guides viewers through the making of his most famous gut-crunching classics including ‘House On The Edge Of The Park’, ‘Cannibal Apocalypse’, ‘Cannibal Ferox’ and, of course, ‘City of the Living Dead’.

In addition to providing an alternative audio commentary to the main feature, legendary horror actress Catriona MacCall recalls playing the role of Mary in the film in ‘Dame Of The Dead’ and reflects upon the film 30 years on. Catriona also appears alongside Giovanni Lombardo Radice in a 20-minute retrospective Q&A session exclusively filmed live at the Glasgow Film Theatre following a recent special screening of the film.

Filmed in the Profondo Rosso shop in Rome, ‘Profondo Luigi: A Colleague’s Memories Of Lucio Fulci’ focuses on director Luigi Cozzi (Contamination; Starcrash; The Killer Must Kill Again) who talks about his own memories of Lucio Fulci and the Italian boom in zombie horror, while in ‘Fulci’s Daughter: Memories of the Italian Gore Maestro’, Antonella Fulci, the daughter of the legendary filmmaker, reflects upon ‘City Of The Living Dead’, the experience of visiting her father’s sets and about his enduring legacy.

Both the DVD and the Blu-ray releases of ‘City Of The Living Dead’ also come with four sleeve artwork options, double-sided poster, six postcards and a newly commissioned booklet, ‘Fulci Of The Living Dead’, written by Calum Waddell and featuring exclusive new interviews with Sergio Stivaletti (Wax Mask), Carlo De Mejo, Antonella Fulci and Ian McCulloch (Zombie Flesh Eaters) among others, providing an in depth career retrospective on the Grand Old Man of Italian Gore.

Directed by Lucio Fulci (The House By The Cemetery; The Beyond; Zombie Flesh Eaters) and starring Christopher George (Mortuary; The Exterminator; Grizzly), Catriona MacColl (The House By The Cemetery; The Beyond), Carlo De Mejo (The House By The Cemetery; Alien Contamination), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Apocalypse; Demons 3 and 4) and Michele Soavi (Demons; Phenomena; Tenebrae), City Of The Living Dead begins with the suicide of a priest in a church cemetery in the small town of Dunwich, New England. A sacrilegious act, the priest’s death mysteriously results in the opening of the gates of hell and, as fate would have it, it falls upon a reporter, a young psychic, a psychiatrist and his patient to team up and find a way to close the portal before All Saints Day, when the dead will rise and feed upon the living.

A hugely influential and much-admired work of horror cinema by one of the genre’s undisputed masters, City Of The Living Dead, taken purely as a stand-alone film, is a must-see horror classic. Now, this definitive special release from Arrow Video is, without doubt, a must-have for every horror fan.

City Of The Living Dead (cert. 18) will be released a two-disc DVD (£17.99) and single-disc Blu-ray (£22.99) by Arrow Video on 24th May 2010.

Special Features include: newly recorded audio commentary by actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice; audio commentary by actress Catriona MacColl and author Jay Slater; introduction to the film by star Carlo De Mejo; ‘Carlo Of The Living Dead featurette; ‘The Many Lives And Deaths Of Giovanni Lombardo Radice’ featurette; ‘Dame Of The Dead’ featurette; ‘Fulci’s Daughter: Memories Of The Italian Gore Maestro’ featurette; ‘Penning Some Paura’ featurette; ‘Profondo Luigi: A Colleague’s Memories Of Lucio Fulci’ featurette; Catriona MacCall and Giovanni Lombardo Radice Q&A session at the Glasgow Film Theatre; ‘Fulci In The House – The Italian Master Of Splatter’ featurette.

UK exclusive features directed by Calum Waddell and edited and produced by Naomi Holwill with associate producer Nick Frame.

Editors note: Arrow has confirmed that this release WILL be region free (though we don’t yet know if the extras will be in PAL or not).